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Open Source Software

Features of Predictive Learning / PrL Essentials Environments provided in the Analytics Workspace expose installed libraries through the Apache notebooks and Jupyter Notebook developer tools. Predictive Learning continues to support Python 2 libraries to keep the old notebooks running, but we strongly encourage users to upgrade their scripts to Python 3. With upgraded scripts, when Python 3 environments start up, they come with a minimal set of libraries, while users can continue to install their required libraries.

For Python 2 environments and, in accordance with to the GNU Lesser General Public License, this table displays the available libraries. The open source resources code is available via the links.

Library Name Version Source Code
awscli 1.18.14 awscli
boto 2.49.0 boto
docutils 0.15.2 docutils
scikit-image 0.13.1 scikit-image
scikit-learn 0.19.1 scikit-learn
python36-sagemaker-pyspark 1.2.1 python36-sagemaker-pyspark
requests 2.24.0 requests

Last update: November 16, 2023

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