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Using FM plugin in Fleet Manager

After deploying and registering the FM plugin by following the steps described in chapter Deploy and register FM plugin, you must access Fleet Manager application from Launchpad to use the plugin.

Using FM plugin in Fleet Manager

To use the FM plugin that is deployed and registered from Operator Cockpit, proceed with the following steps:

  1. After successful deployment and registration of FM plugin from Operator Cockpit, open "Settings" application from Launchpad.
  2. Assign the roles for the required user to be able to access the plugin and save the changes.
    For more information on assigning roles to a user, refer the "Settings" documentation.
    FM plugin
  3. Open Fleet Manager from Launchpad.
  4. Click on the "+" icon. The plugin that was deployed and registered using Operator Cockpit is displayed under the "Extensions" window.
    Extension window
  5. Click on the plugin to view the details. You can navigate to other assets or plugins (if available) by entering the asset id and plugin id.

Fleet manager

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