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Upgrade a self-hosted application (with downtime)

The following section describes the procedure to upgrade a self-hosted application to a new version. This process involves downtime since the application cannot be accessed during the upgrade.

Upgrade a self-hosted application (with downtime)

  1. In the "My Applications" screen, click on the "UI Apps" tab and select the application that you want to upgrade.
  2. Click the "Provisioning" tab and remove all the customers for the previous version of the application. To remove a customer, select the customer and click "Remove from customer".
  3. Click the "Registration" tab and deregister the application. For information on deregistering an application, refer to the chapter "Register or deregister self hosted applications".
  4. In the "My Applications" screen, select the new version of the same application that you want to upgrade.
  5. Click the "Registration" tab and register the application.
  6. Click the "Provisioning" tab and add the customers who were had de-provisioned in the previous version. For more information on provisioning, refer to the chapter "Provision an application".

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Last update: March 23, 2022