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Receive OI plugin from developer

Operations Insight is a component that enables you to analyze, visualize and monitor your assets. You can get access to Operations Insight by purchasing the IoT Value Plan or the MindSphere Capability packages.

A Operations Insight plugin is a web application that can be developed using any web application frameworks and libraries. The plugin should be developed like any other MindSphere application and deployed to MindSphere by using Developer Cockpit.

This chapter provides information on the usage of Operations Insight (OI) plugin from Operator Cockpit.

Receive OI plugin

After the developer assigns the OI plugin to an operator from Developer Cockpit, the following steps should be followed to accept the OI plugin:


For subscribers of Basic Capability packages, the developer directly assigns the OI plugin.

  1. Click "Inbox" on the main navigation.
  2. Click "Applications" and click "Accept". The status of the plugin changes to "Pending". This initiates a handshake to the developer tenant to grant access to this plugin. Once the developer grants access from Developer Cockpit, this plugin is moved to the "My Applications" window under "Operations Insight Plugin" tab. You can now deploy and register this plugin for further usage.

Receive OI plugin

To deploy and register OI plugin, refer to Deploy and register OI plugin.

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Last update: March 23, 2022