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Provisioning an API application

The procedure for provisioning an API application is similar to that of an UI application. For more information, refer to

Provide applications to customer.


  • At this moment, provisioining of an API application is restricted to Developer and Operator tenants only.
  • Provisioning of API application builds the trust between subscriber tenant and host tenant. The endpoints of an API application access is based on the mappings provided through dependent UI applications (refer Scope mapping from Developer Cockpit). This would enable the subscriber tenants to access endpoints of the API applications as intended by the functionality of the Standard application.
  • Before provisioning the API application to the tenant hosting the standard UI application, ensure the standard UI application has custom app credentials enabled.
  • A customer is entitled to respond to the email regarding acceptance of terms and conditions, the provisioning of an API application is completed only after the customer accepts the email.

Last update: January 22, 2024