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Operator Cockpit is one of the standard and core applications of Insights Hub, the industrial IoT platform of Siemens. You can access Operator Cockpit on the Insights Hub Launchpad. Operator Cockpit allows you to manage the applications that you want to provide on Insights Hub. You need to have a MindAccess Operator Account to access to Operator Cockpit. More information about the MindAccess Plans can be found in chapter Interaction between MindAccess Plans.


Operator Cockpit offers you a wide range of possibilities to manage and provide your applications.

Within Operator Cockpit you can:

  • Accept the transfer of an application from a MindAccess Developer Account to your MindAccess Operator Account.
  • Deploy the application to your productive environment and operate it.
  • Get an overview of all your applications running on your MindAccess Operator Account.
  • Get information on usage and traffic of your applications.
  • Check the health status of all your applications.
  • Receive and display notifications concerning your applications.
  • Publish your own offerings on the Industrial IoT Store.
  • Upload new applications to the Store and make it visible either to specific customers or to the public.
  • Provision applications to new customers on the Industrial IoT Store.
  • Get information on new subscriptions from the Industrial IoT Store.
  • Make applications available to subscribers of a MindAccess IoT Value Plan (and their users) on the basis of an App Customer Contract between you and such subscribers.

Roles and procedure

Throughout the development process of your applications, Operator Cockpit supports you at every phase of the project. The Application Lifecycle structures and summarizes the roles and procedure.

More information about the Application Lifecycle can be found in chapter Application Lifecycle.

More information about the developing process can be found in the documentation of the Developer Cockpit.

Last update: January 22, 2024