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Introduction to publishing

In order to offer your application in the MindSphere Store, you have to start the publishing sequence in the "Applications Details" window. The sequence is divided into 3 steps.


Region deviation

"Offer applications in the MindSphere Store" is not applicable for region China 1.

The following graphic depicts the publishing process into the MindSphere Store:

Region deviation

① Publishing sequence of step 1: Transfer all application details to the MindSphere Store

② Operator receives an e-mail with the preview of product in the Store

③ Operator has to acknowledge the provided product data

④ Operator has to provide the Product ID to publish the application

⑤ Operator will receive a message in Operator Cockpit that the application has been successfully published

Within step 1, you have to enter your application details for the MindSphere Store. The publishing sequence of step 1 guides you through the following individual steps:

"Publishing" user interface

The "Publishing" screen allows the user to publish their applications. To view this section for a CF application, select an application from "My Applications" window and navigate to "Publishing" tab.

"Publishing" user interface

① Step 1: Enter the product data for the MindSphere Store

② Step 2: Accept the preview of the MindSphere Store

③ Step 3: Provide your Product ID

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Last update: March 23, 2022