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Interaction between MindAccess Plans

The Insights Hub Offering contains the following MindAccess Plans:

  • MindAccess DevOps Plan
  • MindAccess IoT Value Plan

MindAccess DevOps Plan

Insights Hub offers a specific MindAccess DevOps Plan. The developing process separates development from the operating business. MindAccess DevOps Plan contains Developer Plan and Operator Plan.

As an operator, you can choose to run the application on your productive system and sell it via the Industrial IoT Store. At a minimum, you will need the MindAccess Operator Plan offering to sell your application via the Industrial IoT Store.

MindAccess IoT Value Plan

Insights Hub offers the IoT Value Plan for end user or OEM without development know-how.

Interaction between MindAccess Plans

The following graphic shows the relationship and processes between the MindAccess DevOps Plan and the MindAccess IoT Value Plan:

MindAccess Plans

① Operator/ provider uploads App to Store

② End user buys App in Store (and already has an IoT Value Pack)

③ Route from acquired App to tenant of end user established

④ End user uses App based on ingested data

Last update: January 22, 2024