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Deploy and register FM plugin

To use a Fleet Manager (FM) plugin, it is required to first deploy the plugin and register it.

  1. Click on the "Apps" icon and select "Operations Insight Plugin" . Select the FM plugin that you want to deploy. The "Application Details" menu opens.
  2. Click "Deployment" and choose either "Auto deployment" or "Deployment via CF CLI". Click "Start deployment". In case of manual deployment, proceed with the on screen instructions to deploy the plugin. The deployment steps for FM plugin remains same as that for CF apps. For more description, refer to Download and deploy Cloud Foundry (CF) applications.


Deployment of applications is applicable only CF hosted applications.

3.After the successful deployment, click the "Registration" tab.

4.Enter the app name and the description for the application and click "Register". The plugin is registered successfully.


After the FM plugin is registered, the plugin will not be visible on Launchpad. Instead, it will be available as a tile in the "Extensions" window in Fleet Manager.

For steps to use FM plugin from Fleet Manager, refer to the chapter Using FM plugin in Fleet Manager.

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Last update: March 23, 2022