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"Dashboard" user interface

The "Dashboard" gives a quick overview of the usage and traffic of the applications, subscription details and the number of applications that are deployed on the Cloud Foundry (CF).

"Dashboard" screen

The following graphic shows the "Dashboard" of Operator Cockpit:

Dashboard ui

① Main navigation with five tab-categories:

  • Dashboard
  • Apps
  • Services
  • Inbox
  • User Manual
  • Settings

② Dashboard quick facts

③ Dashboard charts


Symbol Description
Dashboard View the Dashboard.
Apps View the status of the applications along with the application details.
Settings View the services provisioned by other operators.
Inbox - Applications: View the list of applications assigned by the developer, along with the action list that enables you to accept the applications.
- Messages: View the Notifications for the applications.
- Archived: View the archived notifications.
User manual View the User Manual for Operator Cockpit.
Settings1 View the notification Settings window.

Dashboard charts

The following graphic gives you a more detailed look at the dashboard charts of Operator Cockpit:

Dashboard charts

① App traffic diagram

② App usage diagram

③ Refreshes the pie chart

④ Opens the "My Applications" window

⑤ Productive monitoring pie chart

⑥ App traffic trend comparison diagram

Adjust Chart

You can adjust the pie chart by clicking on the productive status that is displayed next to the chart. This activates or deactivates the status and the pie chart changes accordingly.

Last update: January 22, 2024