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Auto-deployment of an application

Example scenario

An application "robotcontrol" has been developed by a developer. This application has been assigned to the operator, and needs to be deployed automatically.


The application has already been assigned by the operator.

For more information on Prerequisites, refer "Operator Cockpit" FAQs.

Automatic deployment

To proceed with the auto deployment, follow the procedure below:

  1. Click on the "Apps" icon and select an application in the "Assigned" state that you want to deploy.
  2. In the "Application Details" menu, click on "Deployment".
  3. Choose Deployment type: Under "Deployment type", select "Auto deployment" and click "Start deployment".
    Choose Deployment type
  4. Processing of application: The deployment of this application will take place automatically. The status of each of the deployment steps can also be viewed.

Processing of application


By default, auto deployment process creates a new space with the same name as the appname irrespective of selecting the space from the space location of the Information tab.

5.Register the application: In order to register the application, click on "Register application" in the "Deployment" screen.

You can also register the application from "Registration" screen. For more information on registering an application, refer the chapter "Register or deregister applications".

Last update: January 22, 2024