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User interface for Operations Insight

You can access the Operations Insight application from the MindSphere Launchpad.

Home screen

The "Home" screen provides a quick overview of all available features in Operations Insight.
The Home screen of "Operations Insight" is as shown below:

Home screen

① Main navigation with tab-categories:

  • Home
  • Explore
    • Dashboards
    • Assets
    • Events
    • Work orders
  • Analyze
    • Time series
  • Configure
    • Rules
    • KPIs

② Status: provides the quick overview information of the tenant
③ Quick links: provides some useful links within Operations Insight
④ Refreshes the dashboard data
⑤ Expands the navigation tab

Status screen

The status screen provides the following information:

Assets: This displays the total number of assets in your tenant. The total number also includes the assets, which are shared from other tenants using x-tenancy.

Dashboards: This displays the number of dashboards created or shared with you.

Rules: This displays the number of active rules in your tenant.

Monitoring by rules: This displays the number of assets which are currently monitored by rules. A rule can be configured to influence the status of the assets with a "status" aspect of type core.assetstatus. Additionally, you see the number of assets with the active issues.

Not acknowledged events: This displays the number of events that have been not acknowledged in your tenant.

Work orders: This displays the overview of all work orders in your tenant.

Latest 5 errors: This displays the last 5 events with severity error in your tenant. Select an "Event" to redirect a related detail view.


"See details" redirects to a related detail view in the Operations Insight.


Operations Insight can be switched to use a dark theme.

Dark Theme on Home Screen


The dark theme is currently not supported by all Operations Insight plugins.

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Last update: October 25, 2022