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Simple KPIs

This topic guides you through the process of creating and saving a simple KPI.

Illustration of the Configure KPIs page

Here is an example of the Configure KPIs page, showing the links at the top for creating a new simple or advanced KPI:

Config KPIs

About Simple KPIs

Here are some important points to be aware of when working with simple KPIs:

  • The mathematical calculation is written in JavaScript in the Formula window.
  • The name you give to a simple KPI must be unique within your organization.
  • In the Select a variable pop-up window, you can select up to one month of data to display.
  • Calculation cycles of 1 to 59 seconds and 1 to 90 minutes are supported.
  • Advanced calculation settings can specify time ranges, time zone, and which days to run.

Simple KPIs Limitations

The following limitations apply to simple KPIs:

  • For time series data only.
  • The KPI must include at least one input variable and no more than five.
  • The output variable must be created beforehand as part of the asset model configuration in Asset Manager.

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Last update: March 23, 2022