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This page provides an overview, where you find features of the Fleet Manager application when migrating to Operations Insight.
Fleet Manager was one of the first out-of-the-box applications in MindSphere to view and analyze IoT data. Now it will be removed soon from existing tenants.
With Operations Insight there is a powerful successor available, which offers same and a lot more features and functionality.


  • Operations Insight is available per default on the MindSphere Launchpad. Only in case you are a subtenant user, a tenant administrator has to assign one of the needed roles to the user. See also chapter User Rights.
  • The known Fleet Manager content can be found in the Operations Insight sidebar in the Explore > Assets section.

Fleet Manager content in sidebar

Feature comparison

The following provides an overview where the related features can be found in Operations Insight with its differences or feature enhancements.


The user interface is structured in a similar way: On the left side, the asset selection is available. You can search for assets and can also use different views like list, geo map or custom map.

On the right side, you can find the plugins for the asset context.

OI Overview

Operations Insight internal user settings has been extended to save the preferred asset view or for example the selected variables of an asset type.
A new settings user interface helps to configure Operations Insight for your specific needs.

A dark mode is available as well as the possibility to hide plugins for a user.

Operations Insight Settings UI

Operations Insight in dark mode


The available plugins are very similar.

Time Series

The Time Series plugin is available in both applications with the same look and feel. In Operations Insight the Time Series plugin provides as additional features:

  • export of time series data
  • improved visualization and resolution of time series data
  • support to show string values in a table view
  • support to display boolean variables in the chart
  • possibility to lock the time range and save quota while analyzing the chart

The Aspects plugin has been removed in favour of the Time Series plugin.


The Rules plugin has been significantly improved in Operations Insight.

  • The wizard creating a rule has been enhanced to support rules for Asset Types.
    A rule configuration can be easily rolled out to other assets of the same type without any further configuration.
  • As additional action the Simatic Notifier is supported, when this application is subscribed in the tenant.
  • The email address field supports copying multiple coma-separated email addresses

Operations Insight Rules Wizard 1 Operations Insight Rules Wizard 2

!!! Warning
    **Subtenancy and Rules**<br/>

    If subtenancy is used, ensure that rules are only configured using assets of one subtenant.<br>


The Events plugin is available in a very similar look and feel.

Operations Insight Events Plugin

The style of the plugin has been modernized.


The Export mechanism of Fleet Manager has been integrated in the Time Series plugin.

Export Time Series Data

Operations Insight additionally supports

  • to export several aspects of an asset in parallel
  • to enter a data point count per file, which influences the file size of an export

Files / Attachments

The plugin Files in Fleet Manager is equivalent with plugin Attachments in Operations Insight.

In Operations Insight the filter capabilities have been improved as well as the loading times with many files using a paging mechanism. Filtering for specific files and paths allows also to search for files with a specific file extension.

All features like upload, download, delete are available in the same way.


The Info plugin is available in a very similar look and feel and same feature set.


The Dashboards plugin is new in Operations Insight.

Here you can link existing dashboards to your asset hierarchy.

Operations Insight Dashboards Plugin


As for Fleet Manager a Plugin SDK is also available for Operations Insight.
Here a lot of additional features have been developed to allow a seamless integration in Operations Insight:

  • support of plugins in asset or sidebar context
  • provide plugins as modal dialogs to support cross functionality within Operations Insight
  • support to provide actions and views to enable cross plugin communication
  • enhanced feature set of provided parameters
  • feature to use the built-in notifications for error-, warning- or success messages
  • ... and much more ...

Missing features

  • To mark assets as favorite is currently in development and will be integrated in one of the next releases of Operations Insight.

Start now

Start now using Operations Insight! It offers much more features and is continuously enhanced with updates and improvements.
If you are interested in more features, you can also take a guided quick start tour on Operations Insight > Home.

Operations Insight Quick Start Tour

You are missing some functionality?
Then open a request to the MindSphere support or contact the MindSphere community. We are looking forward hearing from you.

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Last update: December 19, 2022