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Introduction to Operations Insight and Operations Insight Analytics

Operations Insight is a MindSphere solution. It is an easy-to-use basic analytics application of time series data that enables the user to gain deeper insights into their production system and the machine performance. It uses the MindSphere assets, aspects and variables as data model for its functions.


Operations Insight offers you the following functions:

  • Management, monitoring and representation of the assets distributed worldwide. Explore Assets
  • Visualize timeseries data using widgets from built-in widgets library.
  • Creation of rules for monitoring the assets. Configure Rules
  • Visualization of asset relevant information as dashboards. Explore Dashboards
  • Comparison of variables of assets that enables analysis of the asset performance. Analyze Time Series
  • Creation of simple KPIs using timeseries data. Configure KPIs
  • Creation and tracking of work orders related to specific assets Explore Work Orders
  • Developers can extend Operations Insight with further plugins using the Operations Insight Plugin SDK

Operations Insight Analytics is an extension of Operations Insight. It adds capabilities to discover advanced insights of your operations and your business through "Configure KPIs" and in "Explore Dashboards".

Operations Insight Analytics offers you the following functions:

  • Access to Timeseries storage or to Integrated Data Lake directly with UI guided selection.
  • Creation of advanced KPIs using data from Timeseries Storage or from Integrated Data Lake.
  • Setup threshold for KPI and assign it to user who will receive email notification once the value is triggered.
  • Visualize data from Timeseries storage or from Integrated Data Lake using additional widgets from built-in widgets library.
  • Drill down to discover advanced insights.

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Last update: October 25, 2022