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Configuring the Scheduling, Share and Notify, and Thresholds for a KPI Analysis

The Analysis Settings area provides the following configuration options:

  • Scheduling: you can set dates and times for automatically running a KPI analysis. When you create a KPI analysis, you can add it to a dashboard using the KPI Analysis widget, set it to auto-refresh, and monitor the analysis on your dashboard.
  • Sharing and Notifying: share the KPI analysis with other users and set notification parameters so the system notifies you (and those you have shared it with) when KPI analysis data crosses the threshold you set.
  • Thresholds: when you set a threshold for an analysis, the system will notify you (and those you add in the Notifying section) when the KPI analysis results data crosses the threhold. The threshold crossing also comes into play with the autodiscovery feature, which is an optional setting. See Adding Autodiscovery to an Analysis for more information.

About Schedule Settings

This is an example of the Schedule/Share and Notify areas:

Schedule settings

About Setting a Threshold

Setting a threshold in a discovery analysis means you will be notified if the discovery analysis results cross the threshold you set.

How to Configure the Schedule, Share and Notify, and Thresholds for the Analysis

Follow these steps to share your KPI and/or add notifications, and optionally set up the autodiscovery tool:

  1. Slide the "Enable Schedule" toggle to the right. The toggle turns blue and displays the Run Analysis fields.
  2. Select a radio button for the time unit to use and a value for how often you want the analysis to run.
  3. To be notified when analysis results cross a threshold, slide the "Enable Notification" toggle to the right. The toggle turns blue and displays additional fields.
  4. Enter the email addresses for users you want to share notifications with, separated by a semi-colon.
  5. Select the mathematical phrase you want to apply to the threshold values, and enter values for the "minimum" and "maximum" fields.

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Last update: April 21, 2022