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Use Case

AI for Everyone allows you to create use cases, which are used to track and manage both Forecast and Anomaly detection jobs and link the dataset.


① Preview of the selected use case

Create a Use Case

To create a use case, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Open "AI for Everyone" in the "Analyze" tab. Navigate-to-AI4E

  2. Click "Add a use case".

  3. Enter the name and description of your choice. Createusecase

  4. Click "Add Dataset".

  5. Select the Asset, Variables, and the time period for the preferred dataset.
  6. Click "Fetch Data".
  7. Click Save. LinkingDataset

  8. Click "Save".

A use case to manage both forecast and anomaly jobs is created.

Adding a Dataset

If the Dataset is not added while creating a use case, it is possible to add it from the "Use Cases" screen.
To add a Dataset to a use case, proceed as follows: 1. In the "Use Cases" screen, select the use case. 2. Click "Add Dataset".
Only one Dataset can be added to each use case. AddDataset

  1. Select the Asset, Variables, and the Time period. LinkingDataset

  2. Click 'Fetch Data".

  3. Click "Save".

Edit or Delete a Use Case

To edit an existing use case, proceed as follows: 1. In the "Use Cases" screen, select the existing use case. 2. Click threedotsicon and click Edit. 3. In the Edit Use Case screen, update the required fields. 4. Click "Save".
To delete an existing Use Case, select the use case, click and click "Delete". In the confirmation Dialog, click "Delete".

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Last update: April 13, 2022