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MindSphere Remote Services Data & Server-Option enables apps on Devices to leverage apps and data on MindSphere

The optional capability package "Data & Service Option" adds MindSphere-specific protocol routing to your Remote Service subscription. With that capability, apps residing on Devices in a Device Network may connect to server apps residing in MindSphere using customizable IP-based protocols. - MindSphere Service Link (MSL) acts as a HTTP proxy forwarding standard HTTPS requests to MindSphere through MRS tunnels, so that both encrypted and unencrypted protocols will be encrypted again
- This protocol template will be offered in MRS protocol hub.

Typical use cases are: - Devices notify apps such as condition monitoring or ticketing systems
- Data ingest to MindSphere data stores will benefit from additional encryption

MindSphere Service Link

Note: The setup and configuration of this documentation's reference tenant, its users, Sites and Devices can be found in chapter Sample Setup Used in Documentation.

Note: The product structure and the protocol routing capabilities of the individual optional capability packages are described in chapter Product Structure and Procurement.

Example: create Protocol Application with MSL for data ingest

MindSphere uses HTTPS-based mechanisms for ingesting data into its Time Series store or into its Industrial Data Lake. With an appropriate setup, such requests may be routed with additional encryption via MRS, delivering data to either store. Since MRS behaves like a proxy, the respective HTTPS-requests do not require any change.

Connection setup follows the regular MRS process: - The administrator creates an associated Protocol Application
- Next, this new Protocol Application is assigned to a Device
- Finally, the connection must be established so that the Device can leverage it.

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Last update: December 15, 2022