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Variations in regions

Europe 2

The following table shows the region variations for Europe 2:

Offering Currently not available in Europe 2 / Variation
Asset Manager
  • Sharings feature
  • Core app role for Asset Manager
Fleet Manager Content delivery network hosting not supported.
Fleet Manager Rules Integration of Upgrade.
Integrated Data Lake The following features vary in each region:
  • Cross account access is applicable for the region Europe 1.
  • Service Principal is applicable for the region Europe 2.
MindConnect Integration Single Sign On for MindConnect Integration.
  • Service credentials feature
  • Collaboration feature -Core app roles
Visual Explorer
  • Support for Tableau version 2019.3. Available version 2018.1.
  • Subtenancy function is limited.
  • Data Driven Alerts are not supported.
Visual Flow Creator The following nodes are not supported:
  • Anomaly detection nodes
  • Data Lake nodes
  • Custom nodes
Usage Transparency Service The following metric is not shown:
  • PI users (count) for Product Lifecycle Intelligence

China 1

The following table shows the region variations for China 1:

Offering Currently not available in China 1
Asset Manager
  • Customers are able to select multiple files and delete them associated to the selected asset.
Asset Performance Monitoring
  • Sub-tenancy awareness - Sub tenant users see only the sites that belong to the subtenant on the Sites Summary Dashboard
  • Create rules in bulk using reference rule - Quickly create multiple rules for assets using validated reference rules
  • Event state change notification - Email notifications on change of event state to build situational awareness
  • Weekly KPI Calculations workflow - Analyze weekly KPI values of assets outline timely performance characteristic trend
Fleet Manager
  • New functions in the Events-Extension:
    • You can update the editable fields of an event in the detail view of a selected event.
    • As administrator you can select and delete one or multiple events.
    • The severity filter can select directly the icons of the related severity number.
    • As a user you can configure which columns shall be shown in the event table. The configuration is saved per event type in the local storage of the browser.
  • Mendix Platform License is not available to operate Apps consistently.
MindConnect Edge Analytics
  • Open Edge Device Kit adapter for MQTT messages. Data processed by ESA Edge Streaming Server can be easily sent, using this adapter, to OEDK agent and further on to IoT TimeSeries.
Predictive Learning
  • Persist Python libraries across restart (on Predictive Learning Essentials)
  • UTS reporting includes sub-tenant information for Predictive Learning Storage
  • Faster quota usage reporting for Predictive Learning Storage
  • Pre-filled-in sources information in PrL UI if possible
  • Import PI Data
  • S/M/L package to support:
    • Clustered Compute by Spark EMR
    • Multi-Coding Language Support
    • Zeppelin Notebook
    • R kernel for Predictive Learning S, M and L in Jupyter
Usage Transparency Service
  • Additional metrics can be shown at the Customer Dashboard: Number of Users in Visual Explorer having role "Viewer" and Number of Users in Visual Explorer having role "Creator"
  • Additional metric can be shown at the Customer Dashboard: Number of computing hours used to create workflows in Visual Flow Creator
  • User Interface (UI) provides support for Chinese language.
  • In Platform Purchase in the Usage Transparency application for selected products inside the Limit view.
Visual Explorer
  • Direct link to the upgrade App for purchasing Visual Explorer Upgrades
  • Tableau Server Version Upgrade
    • New version of Tableau (2019.3) will be integrated so that customers can use the newest tableau functionality in the Visual Explorer
  • Flexible limitation of Data Ingest Rate
    • Limitation of ingested data
    • Pre-defined limitation can be changed by customer
Visual Flow Creator
  • Anomaly detection nodes: Use Anomaly detection nodes within your workflow to automatically detect unexpected behavior of processes and assets using time series data. Typical use cases for the Anomaly Detection Service are process and condition monitoring, early warning applications, and fault condition detection without an explicit definition.
  • The "Dashboard Viewer" allows VFC users to publish their dashboards and access the published dashboards provided by other users.
  • Function nodes : Added the possibility to set status from within the function node. This reduces the amount of status messages in the debug window and speeds up the development
  • HTTP-Request node : it is possible to set secret keys in request
  • Custom nodes : The context API has been added to simplify the usage of node-red nodes
Offering Currently not available in China 1
IoT and Storage Services: Time Series Service
  • IoT Time Series Ingest Rate Upgrade can be purchased up to 1 MBPS
Web Components
  • You find an overview of new features of web components of higher version within the change logs in Developer documentation.
  • In Simple Map and Asset Map
    • Zoom scope (3-20) on MindSphere on Alibaba other than (0-20) on MindSphere on AWS
    • Ctrl + Mouse scroll to make zoom-in/out

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