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Available products in regions

The following table shows which product offerings are available in each region:

MindAccess System Tools

Offering Europe 1 Europe 2 China 1
Asset Manager Variations
Container Registry Lite Not available Not available
Developer Cockpit
Fleet Manager Variations
Fleet Manager Rules Variations
Integrated Data Lake Variations Not available
Operator Cockpit
Settings Variations
Usage Transparency Variations


Offering Europe 1 Europe 2 China 1
Agent Diagnostic Not available
Condition Monitoring System X-Tools
MindConnect Integration Variations
MindConnect Integration for On-premise
MindConnect Iot2040 ✓(1)
Edge Analytics Variations
MindConnect Iot Extension
MindConnect Nano ✓(1)
1. For a connection to MindSphere region China 1 the MindConnect Element has to have a firmware version V3.3.0.4. or higher.


Offering Europe 1 Europe 2 China 1
Asset Performance Monitoring Not available Variations
Closed Loop Foundation and Application Not available Not available
Data Exploration Not available
Predictive Learning Not available Variations
Visual Analyzer
Visual Explorer Variations Variations
Visual Flow Creator Variations Variations

Developers Tools

Offering Europe 1 Europe 2 China 1
Mendix Not available


The definition of which services are available per region is provided in the service index which can be accessed by the link below:

Overview of Service index

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Last update: May 5, 2022