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Overview of MTConnect protocol for MindConnect Software Agent

MTConnect is a manufacturing technical standard to retrieve process information from numerically controlled machine tools.

The following image shows the data source input window for the MTConnect protocol:


In order to connect a MTConnect device, you need to select the MTConnect protocol and enter the following data source parameter:

Parameter Description
URL The URL of the MTConnect device. The port is also part of the URL. Example:

MTConnect data point parameter

In order to collect the data of the MTConnect device, click "Add Datapoint" to add new datapoint.

The following picture shows the data point parameter window:


The following table shows the parameter of the MTConnect data point window:

Parameter Description
Datapoint Address ID of the DataItem from the MTConnect device. Example (excerpt of an xml-file):
<DataItem category="SAMPLE" coordinateSystem="MACHINE" id="xpm" name="Xabs" nativeUnits="MILLIMETER" subType="ACTUAL" type="POSITION" units="MILLIMETER"/> → Datapoint Address: xpm
Type The following datapoint types are supported: int, long, double, boolean, string

Last update: January 22, 2024