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Onboarding the MindConnect Software Agent

Procedure to access the web server URL and onboard the device

To access the web server URL and onboard the device, follow these steps:

  1. In browser, open new tab and enter web server URL.
  2. In MindConnect Software Agent overview page, copy the "Serial Number (UID)".
  3. In MindConnect Software Agent plugin page, paste the "Serial Number" and click "Save" and then click Settings to initiate the onboarding process.
  4. In the Agent settings view, check the settings and download the onboarding key file.


  5. In MindConnect Software Agent's overview page, click "Onboard your device".

  6. In MindConnect Software Agent onboarding page, follow the either step:


    ① Uploads the downloaded onboarding key file

    ② Inserts the JSON content from the onboarding key file

    • Click "Select file" to upload the downloaded onboarding key file with the filename constructed form of serial number.


    • Copy the text from the onboarding key file and click "Insert JSON content" to paste.
  7. Click "Start onboarding".

  8. In Edit MindConnect page, click "Save" after the device is onboarded.
  9. After the device is succesfully onboarded, you can add data sources and data point mapping.


For more information on adding a data source and data points, see Adding a data source for MindConnect Software Agent.

To manage and maintain multiple virtual machines (VM's) in MindConnect Software Agent, see Managing or maintaining the virtual machines or instances in MindConnect Software Agent.

Serial number

The serial number section provides the serial number to copy and paste it to the serial number field during the asset configuration in asset manager.

Onboard with file

In “Onboarding” page, the exported configuration file from asset manager can be selected and click "Start onboarding" to start onboarding.

Onboard with JSON content

It is also possible provide the configuration data directly as JSON input by clicking "Insert JSON input" and paste the JSON configuration data into the opened dialog. Thereafter, start the onboarding by clicking the "Start onboarding".

Configuration status

The status of the onboarding/configuration process is shown in the "Configuration status" section.


If the network settings are changed by the new configuration data like a new IP address is updated, then the MindConnect Software Agent's web browser must be opened again by using the new IP address of the system. In that case, it might be possible that the diagnosis messages will be displayed twice in the diagnosis messages section. To resolve the issue, restart the virtual machine.

Last update: February 16, 2024