Mapping an aspect to a data source for MindConnect Software Agent - Developer Documentation
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Mapping an aspect to a data source for MindConnect Software Agent

Data mapping means matching variables of an aspect with the respective data points of a data source.

  • Variables of an aspect represent the Industrial IoT data.
  • Data points of a data source represent the data of the MindConnect Software Agent.

To use the data of your MindConnect Software Agent you have to map them to the respective variables of an aspect.


You have created an asset based on your desired aspect and asset type.

Browser compatibility

Microsoft Edge browser do have some issues with the user interface (example: "Mapping"). Use another browser like, "Chrome" or "Firefox".


To map a variable to a data point, e. g. "RotationSpeed", follow these steps:

  1. Click on the asset in the "Assets" tab, for example: "Wind turbine1".
  2. Click on the MindConnect Software Agent Plugin icon, for example: "MindConnect Software Agent".
  3. Click "View data mapping".
  4. Select the aspect, for example: "Generator".
  5. Select the variable you want to map to the data point, for example: "Pressure".
  6. Select the data point you want to map and click "Link Variable".
    The following graphic shows the "Link Variable" option:


  7. Select the previously created asset type and click "Accept", e. g. "Wind turbine".


You can find additional information on asset types in the chapter Creating a type in Asset Manager.


8.Select the variable you want to link, e. g. "RotationSpeed".



Only data types that match exactly with the aspects and variables are available. If they are different, the aspect can’t be connected to the data point.

9.Click "Accept" to link the variable .


The data point is now mapped to the variable.

The following graphic shows a mapped variable:


Last update: June 15, 2023