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Insights Hub user interface of MindConnect Software Agent Plugin

Manage the MindConnect Software Agent Plugin UI from the asset manger.


① Navigation menu - On the left side of the UI, there is a menu to navigate between the different tabs as mentioned below.

  • Home
  • Assets
  • Library
  • Sharings
  • Connectivity

② Select view for MindConnect Software agent

  • Based on the functionality user can select the following view.

The new UI is re-organized for all functionalities in 3 views i.e. "Datasource Configuration", "Agent Settings" and "Firmware Update" as shown.

Datasource Configuration view

In the "Datasource Configuration" view enables the user to configure the datasources, datapoints and also map the datapoints. "Refresh" option is added to discard the changes made.

Datasource Configuration

Agent Settings view

In the "Agent Settings" view, user can find all the settings for MindConnect device including related network and configuration information which enables the user to configure the agent. Agent settings view is shown in the below image.

Agent Settings

① Agent Settings

② Trigger Actions

Firmware Update view

In the "Firmware Update" view, user can manage and update firmware configuration for the agent.

Firmware Update

① Latest Firmware update is shown here

② Current firmware version

③ Displays the last 3 jobs status (which were triggered on device) in MCSA UI.

MindConnect Software Agent new UI changes

The following are the main changes made in the new UI

  1. The configuration is now downloaded direct to the device once saved (Apply changes is now not available).

  2. All configuration changes are done within a single grid. In order to change any value the user can click the field and edit the changes.

  3. On the top right, the "Jobs" icon is displayed which indicates the status. For example, a configuration is successfully deployed to the device.

  4. The configuration grid can be changed using the gear icon.

  5. Datasources is now mapped directly, click the mapping field and select the asset to connect. For more information, refer Datamapping.

  6. The import of datapoints (including browsing) is now integrated in a Wizard style workflow. For more information, refer Importing datasource

  7. Grouping of Datasources is available based on protocol.

  8. Delete all datasources functionality is discontinued. Multi-select and delete operation on datasources is now supported.

  9. Log column is discontinued in New UI.

Last update: November 2, 2023

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