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Importing data source configurations with datapoint mapping for MindConnect Software Agent

To receive the data from MindConnect Software Agent, add a data source with corresponding datapoint mapping. You can also upload a file for faster import of the configuration or download the template file.


The prerequisites to configure the data sources are:

  • Asset and aspect are created.
  • MindConnect Software Agent is connected.
  • Prepare a file to import according to the following guidelines.
  • Check the structure in the template file. It differs for each plugin type, but similar with its basic format. The below given example is a basic structure in the template file:
    • DS; datasource-nameX;datasource-description
    • DP; dp-name1;dp-description;LONG;dp-unit;asset name1;aspectname1;variablename1
    • DP; dp-name2;dp-description;LONG;dp-unit;asset name2;aspectname2;variablename2
    • DP; dp-name3;dp-description;LONG;dp-unit;asset name3;aspectname3;variablename3
    • DS; datasource-nameX;datasource-description
    • DP; dp-name1;dp-description;LONG;dp-unit;asset name4;aspectname4;variablename4
    • DP; dp-name2;dp-description;LONG;dp-unit;asset name5;aspectname5;variablename5
    • DP; dp-name3;dp-description;LONG;dp-unit;asset name6;aspectname6;variablename6


To import the data source configuration for an asset of the type MindConnect Software Agent, follow these steps:

  1. In the "Assets" tab, click asset. For example, "Wind turbine".
  2. In "Connectivity" section, click MindConnect Software Agent plugin. For example, "MindConnect Software Agent".
  3. To configure the data source, click "Configure your data sources" or "Enter edit mode" if the data source is already created.
  4. To import a file, click "Import configuration".



    • To check the format of the data configuration file before importing the configuration, download the template file by clicking download template.
    • The template file consists of an example data configuration with datapoint mappings. In the below given screenshot, the information related to data source and datapoint declarations for S7 and it can switch to each protocol from the bottom of the file (e.g S7, OpcUa, modbus-tcp, etc).
    • The supported protocols for import and export configurations are S7, OPC UA, Modbus-TCP, Rockwell and System.
    • For OPC UA Data source, configurations like OPC UA security certificates and OPC UA credentials need to be added manually and are not supported via export and import.


    ① Data source configuration information

    ② Datapoint mapping information (optional)

  5. To save and configure MindConnect Software Agent, click "Save".


  • Track the errors or warnings from “Import Configuration” or “Export Configuration”.


Data source configuration are imported with mapped datapoints. The new data sources will be available at the asset details of MindConnect Software Agent.


To view the mapped datapoints, click "View Datamapping".



Limitations of importing datapoint mappings

  • Asset name needs to be unique in the environment. If multiple assets are with the same name in the environment, then datapoint mappings may have discrepancy.
  • Asset needs to be available before importing the configuration. Asset will not be created during import configuration.
  • Datapoint name needs to be unique in excel sheet across data sources and protocols.
  • Datapoint mapping of a datapoint with multiple variables of multiple assets is not supported.
  • Importing of datapoint mappings is an async process.

Last update: May 24, 2023