Differentiating MCSA between Windows and Linux - Developer Documentation
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Differentiating MCSA between Windows and Linux

Network settings

All MCSA Docker containers are running in host network mode only, one MCSA container is chosen to have static IP addresses in the device configuration, if it is necessary that the IP addresses of the Linux host system is to be configured by the asset of the chosen MCSA Docker container.



It is necessary that the host network interfaces are configured by the MCSA Docker containers which are configured with the static IP addresses, otherwise it is possible that another IP address will be assigned by DHCP during runtime.


In case of MCSA in Docker, the Docker container ID is being used as serial number, because the ID is quite long to be displayed and reduced in the status area of local MCSA UI.

But for onboarding the complete Docker container ID is displayed as a serial number:


System settings

In the system settings, the file transfer is currently not available, therefore the local MCSA UI will provide the possibility to change the system time only.


Datasource protocols

System protocol

Following system protocol variables are not supported in MCSA Docker containers:


  • /kernel/osrelease
  • /kernel/ostype
  • /kernel/version


  • /memory/cmafree
  • /memory/cmatotal
  • /memory/available


  • /network/pawspassive
  • /network/tcpdirectcopyfrombacklog
  • /network/tcpdirectcopyfromprequeue
  • /network/tcpfackreorder
  • /network/tcpforwardretrans
  • /network/tcphphitstouser
  • /network/tcpprequeued
  • /network/tcpprequeuedropped
  • /network/tcpschedulerfailed


Affected sub categories:

  • persistent
  • persistent_appconfig
  • persistent_massdata

Last update: May 24, 2023