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Overview of Rockwell protocol for MindConnect Nano

The following image shows the data source input window for the Rockwell protocol:


Rockwell data source parameter

In order to connect a Rockwell device, you need to select the Rockwell protocol and enter the following data source parameters:

Parameter Description
CPU type Shows available CPU types:
- MICRO_800
Currently not available:
- PLC5
- SLC500
Note: The CONTROL_LOGIX and MICRO_800 CPU types are supported from the version MindConnect Nano V03.04.02.06 b002.
IP address IP address of the Rockwell controller.
Route parameters Here you can define the routing path parameters - like rack, slot, node, and/or ControlNet port numbers - needed to access the controller (default: 1,0).

Rockwell data point parameter

In order to collect the data of your Rockwell device, you must add new data points.


The following table shows the data point parameter:

Parameter Description
Data Type Data type supported by backend (e.g. INT).
STRING data type is currently not supported.
Tag Name of the tag that has to be recorded.

The following table shows the recommended data type selection:

Rockwell data type Length Data range¹⁾ Industrial IoT Data type
BOOL 1 bit 0 or 1 BOOLEAN
SINT 1 byte -128…+127 INT
INT 2 bytes -32,768…+32,767 INT
DINT 4 bytes -2,147,483,648…+2,147,483,647 INT
REAL 4 bytes - -3.40282347E38…-1.17549435E-38 (negative values) DOUBLE
- 0
- -1.17549435E-38-…3.40282347E38 (positive values)

¹⁾ Values have been taken from Logix 5000 Controllers I/O and Tag Data Programming Manual


PCL data types

Currently only these PLC data types are supported.

Last update: May 24, 2023