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Overview of MindConnect Nano

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MindConnect Nano is an embedded industrial PC to connect industrial data sources with Industrial IoT. It allows you to connect with Industrial IoT and collect data from the field and then transfer it with encryption to Industrial IoT.

MindConnect Nano device supports the transmission of data encrypted through a secured internet connection with Industrial IoT. MindConnect Nano allows fast and easy IoT connectivity of machines and systems.

The following graphic shows the MindConnect Nano:


General Features Overview

General Features MindConnect Nano
Onboarding via USB Stick available
Onboarding via WebServer notavailable
Diagnostics via USB-Stick available
Diagnostics via Webserver notavailable
Local Firmware Update (Webserver) notavailable
Local Firmware Update (USB) available
Remote Firmware Update available
Remote Restart available
Additional Options
Datapoint Browsing (see also data source details) available
File Transfer (File Storage or Integrated Data Lake) notavailable
Remote Service gateway (RS) available
Network routing available
Performance n
Read performance (datapoints/sec) 250
Maximum number of connections (data sources) 30
Maximum number of datapoints 1050

Protocols Feature Overview

Protocols Minimum read cycle MindConnect Nano Bi-Directional communication Browsing
S7 1 sec available available notavailable
OPC UA 1 sec available available available
Modbus TCP IP 1 sec available available notavailable
Modbus RTU 1 sec available available notavailable
Rockwell 1 sec available notavailable notavailable
Simatic I/O Shield 1 sec notavailable notavailable notavailable
System 1 sec available notavailable available


  • available = supported
  • notavailable = not supported
  • 🟢 = in development

Last update: April 15, 2024