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Manual firmware update of MindConnect Nano

To prepare your MindConnect Nano for V3 please follow the next two steps:

  • Set MindConnect to factory settings
  • Load new firmware on your MindConnect Nano

Set MindConnect to factory settings


This procedure is only necessary for boxes that were already connected to V2 (SAP). V1 cannot be upgraded.

  1. Set the MindConnect back to factory settings.
  2. Create a “ConBox_Commands.json” file with your favorite code editor.

    Content of "ConBox_Commands.json":

          "Commands": [
            "Cmd": "DoFactoryReset",
            "DeviceID": "MindConnectID"


MindConnectID has to be replaced with the serial number of the device.

  1. Copy the extracted/unzipped fw.tar file to a USB stick (fat32 formatted).
  2. Plug the USB stick in the MindConnect hardware.
    • The MindConnect will be restarted automatically.
    • The network and agent settings will be reset to their initial state on MindConnect Nano.
    • All agent and script logging files will be deleted.

Load new firmware on your MindConnect Nano

  1. Select the asset in the "Asset" tab.
  2. Open the MindConnect plugin.
  3. Select the "Firmware Update" view.


  4. In th Manual Firmware/Setup Download section, tick the checkbox to accept "Terms and Condition".

  5. Select the latest firmware from the dropdown option and click "Download" to download the latest firmware.
  6. Copy the downloaded fw.tar file to a USB stick.
  7. Insert the USB stick into the MindConnect Nano and wait until the firmware update is complete.
    • Update carried out: ERROR LED flashes orange
    • MindConnect Nano reboots
    • MAINT LED flashes orange for a few seconds
    • RUN LED orange (not connected to Insights Hub)
  8. Disconnect the USB stick.

To download OSS ZIP file for Nano, Refer to MindConnect Nano – Firmware and Open Source Software (OSS).

Last update: May 14, 2024