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Creating an aspect and variables for MindConnect Nano

To use the data of your MindConnect Element you need to create aspects and variables in Asset Manager.

Aspects are combined, pre-configured data and form the context for the evaluation of industrial processes. An aspect can consist of several variables. Within the industry process, assets transfer the aspects as time series data.

In Asset Manager you can create aspect types. Aspect types are pre-configured templates for aspects. The advantage of aspects types is to use one type for several assets. For example, you can create one aspect type for all generators of a wind farm with the variable rotation speed.

For information on creating an asset, refer "Creating an asset for MindConnect Nano".


To add an aspect type in Asset Manager, e. g. "Generator", follow these steps:

  1. On the start screen click "Aspects".
  2. To create a new aspect click create-icon.
  3. Enter your Tenant ID for the aspect, e. g. "betauser.generator".


All custom aspects and types must be named as "<TenantID>.xxx"

4.Enter a name and description for the aspect e. g. "Generator". 5.Follow these steps for each variable, e. g. "Pressure" and "Temperature":

  • Enter variable data.


  • The units and data types specified here will need to match exactly(also case sensitive) with the physical data source.


  • Click "Add variable" to add other variables.

6.Click "Save".


The new aspect type with its variables is available in the aspect list.


Last update: January 22, 2024