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The following table describes the device behavior associated when a different USER LED status is displayed:

Name Status Description
STAT GREEN OS is running
RED OS is not running
USER 1 Blinking ORANGE - After switching device on: MindConnect IoT2050 is starting up.
- Connection to Industrial IoT is being established.
ORANGE - No connection to cloud.
- Onboarding failed.
Blinking GREEN Onboarding is in progress.
GREEN MindConnect IoT2050 is onboarded to Insights Hub.
USER 2 Blinking ORANGE Data loss.
ORANGE No connection to data source.
Blinking GREEN - Firmware update active.
- USB stick active.
GREEN1) Remote services are disabled.
Blinking RED - USB stick error.
- System error.
RED Firmware update error

1) Supported since MindConnect IoT2050 V03.07.01.00 b003.

For information on USB commands troubleshooting, refer to USB commands.

Last update: April 9, 2024