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Quality codes Rockwell protocol

The following table shows the possible quality codes for devices that use the Rockwell protocol:

Quality code (hex) Quality code (dec) Short description Long description
0x00000000 0 Good No error occurred
0x80010000 -2147418112 Unexpected error An unexpected error occured
0x80020000 -2147352576 Internal error An internal error occured
0x80030000 -2147287040 Out of memory Not enough memory for operation
0x80050000 -2147155968 Communication error Connection to device failed
0x80090000 -2146893824 Unknown response Received an unsolicited message
0x800A0000 -2146828288 Timeout The operation timed out
0x800B0000 -2146762752 Service unsupported Service is not supported
0x800F0000 -2146500608 Nothing to do Nothing to send
0x801F0000 -2145452032 Access denied User does not have permission for requested operation
0x80330000 -2144141312 Invalid tag Requested item (tag) is not known
0x805E0000 -2141323264 Node does not exist Info file does not exist
0x80630000 -2140995584 Invalid type definition The type definition does not reference an appropriate type
0x80740000 -2139881472 Type mismatch Data type is not supported
0x80780000 -2139619328 Too many publish requests Pending buffer is full
0x807D0000 -2139291648 Data source busy Previous read request of data source is still in progress
0x80840000 -2138832896 Request interrupted Request interrupted
0x80850000 -2138767360 Request timeout Receive timeout occured
0x80B10000 -2135883776 No data available No more data available
0x80B60000 -2135556096 Invalid syntax Syntax error
0x80B80000 -2135425024 Request too large Buffer is too small
0x80CE0000 -2133983232 Invalid response Received an invalid reply

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Last update: October 18, 2022