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Quality codes SIMATIC I/O Shield

The following table shows the possible quality codes for SIMATIC I/O Shield devices:

Quality code (hex) Quality code (dec) Short description Long description
0x00000000 0 Good No error occurred
0x80050000 -2147155968 Communication error Modbus connection reset for connection
0x802A0000 -2144731136 Request header invalid Correct HTTP Status Code when rejecting a request because User-Agent header is invalid
0x80330000 -2144141312 Node Id invalid AIO/GPIO instance is not valid
0x803E0000 -2143420416 Not found A requested item was not found
0x80AB0000 -2136276992 Invalid argument There is an error with one or more arguments
0x80020000 -2147352576 Internal error An internal error occurred. Please check programm or configuration
0x80030000 -2147287040 Out of memory Not enough memory for operation
0x00BA0000 12189696 Good results may be incomplete The server should have followed a reference to a node in a remote server but did not. The result set may be incomplete
0x80730000 -2139947008 Write not supported The server does't support writing the combination of the given values
0x807D0000 -2139291648 Data source busy Previous read request of data source is still in progress
0x801F0000 -2145452032 User access denied User does not have permission for requested operation
0x805E0000 -2141323264 Node Id exists Board info file does not exist
0x80B60000 -2135556096 Syntax error Syntax error

Last update: January 22, 2024