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Quality codes OPC UA and S7 protocol

The following table is based on the OPC UA standard and shows the possible quality codes for OPC UA and S7:

Quality code (hex) Quality code (dec) Short description Long description
0x00000000 0 GOOD Good, all items could be read.
0x00BA0000 12189696 GOOD_INCOMPLETE Good results may be incomplete - at least one item could be read.
0x002F0000 3080192 GOOD_OVERLOAD Sampling has slowed down due to resource limitations.
0x40920000 1083310080 UNCERTAIN_INITIAL_VALUE Uncertain Initial Value - initial value.
0x80000000 -2147483648 BAD Bad - generic error.
0x80020000 -2147352576 BAD_INTERNAL_ERROR An internal error occurred as a result of a programming or configuration error.
0x80050000 -2147811328 BAD_COMMUNICATION_ERROR A low level communication error occurred.
0x80090000 -2146893824 BAD_UNKNOWN_RESPONSE An unrecognized response was received from the server.
0x800A0000 -2146828288 BAD_TIMEOUT Bad Timeout - Timeout occurred.
0x800B0000 -2146762752 BAD_SERVICE_UNSUPPORTED Bad Service Unsupported - service unsupported.
0x80100000 -2146435072 BAD_TOO_MANY_OPERATIONS Bad Too Many Operations - The request could not be processed because it specified too many operations.
0x80130000 -2146238464 BAD_SECURITY_CHECKS_FAILED Indicates security problems.
0x801F0000 -2145452032 BAD_ACCESS_DENIED Bad Access Denied - Access denied.
0x80210000 -2145320960 BAD_IDENTITY_TOKEN_REJECTED Bad Identity Token Rejected.
0x80330000 -2144141312 BAD_NODE_ID_INVALID The syntax of the node ID is not valid.
0x80340000 -2144075776 BAD_NODE_ID_UNKNOWN Bad item address.
0x80360000 -2143944704 BAD_INDEX_RANGE_INVALID The syntax of the index range parameter is invalid.
0x803A0000 -2143682560 BAD_NOT_READABLE Read operation(s) has problem.
0x803B0000 -2143617024 BAD_NOT_WRITABLE Write operation(s) has problem.
0x803D0000 -2143485952 BAD_NOT_SUPPORTED Operation is not supported.
0x803E0000 -2143420416 BAD_NOT_FOUND A requested item was not found or a search operation ended without success.
0x804F0000 -2142306304 BAD_SERVER_URI_INVALID The ServerUri is not a valid URI.
0x80740000 -2139881472 BAD_TYPE_MISMATCH Type conversion has problem.
0x807D0000 -2155675648 BAD_TCPSERVER_TOO_BUSY The server cannot process the request because it is too busy.
0x80820000 -2138963968 BAD_TCP_INTERNAL_ERROR TCP internal error occurred.
0x80860000 -2138701824 BAD_SECURE_CHANNEL_CLOSED The secure channel has been closed.
0x80890000 -2138505216 BAD_CONFIGURATION_ERROR Lack of configuration info.
0x808D0000 -2138243072 BAD_OUT_OF_SERVICE OPC service has problems.
0x809B0000 -2137325568 BAD_NO_DATA No data exists for the requested time range or event filter.
0x809D0000 -2137194496 BAD_DATA_LOST Data is missing due to collection started/stopped/lost.
0x80AB0000 -2136276992 INVALID_ARGUMENT Bad Invalid Argument - all items could not be read.
0x80AC0000 -2136211456 BAD_CONNECTION_REJECTED Connection problem.
0x80AD0000 -2136145920 BAD_DISCONNECT The server has disconnected from the client.
0x80AF0000 -2136014848 BAD_INVALID_STATE The operation cannot be completed because the object public String getValue() { return value; }is closed.
0x80B80000 -2135425024 BAD_REQUEST_TOO_LARGE Request too large.
0x80D70000 -2133393408 BAD_BOUND_NOT_FOUND No data found to provide upper or lower bound value.

Last update: January 22, 2024