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Overview of SIMATIC I/O Shield for MindConnect IoT2050

SIMATIC I/O Shield device has been plugged-in to MindConnect IoT2050 and set up according to I/O Shield operating instructions. Analog and digital input signals are connected to SIMATIC I/O Shield connectors.

You can find more information about the SIMATIC I/O Shield Modul in the SIMATIC IOT IOT2000 Extension Modules manual. The following picture shows the SIMATIC IOT2000 Input/output Module:


You can select the protocol type SIMATIC I/O Shield while adding a new data source in Asset Manager.

The following picture shows the protocol selection in Asset Manager:


After selecting the protocol you can enter the parameter Name, Description and Reading Cycle.

SIMATIC I/O Shield data point parameter

In order to collect the data of your SIMATIC I/O Shield device, you must add new data points.

The following image shows the data point parameter window:

I/O Shield data point parameter

The signal that has to be recorded can be configured by specifying pin type (analog/digital) and the pin number as it is printed on SIMATIC I/O shield device. For the analog inputs, the read value corresponds to a percentage value between 0 and 1. The percentage value refers to the permissible voltage range between 0-10 V. The read value must be converted accordingly for the connected sensor.

Following inputs can be chosen:

Input Pin type Pin number Recommended data type
AI0 Analog 0 DOUBLE
AI1 Analog 1 DOUBLE
AI2 Analog 2 DOUBLE
AI3 Analog 3 DOUBLE
DI0 Digital 0 BOOLEAN
DI1 Digital 1 BOOLEAN
DI2 Digital 2 BOOLEAN
DI3 Digital 3 BOOLEAN
DI4 Digital 4 BOOLEAN

Last update: February 16, 2024