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Overview of Rockwell protocol for MindConnect IoT2050

The following image shows the data source input window for the Rockwell protocol:


Rockwell data source parameter

To connect a Rockwell device, you need to select the Rockwell protocol and enter the following data source parameters:

Parameter Description
CPU type Shows available CPU types:
- MICRO_800
Currently not available:
- PLC5
- SLC500
Note: The CONTROL_LOGIX and MICRO_800 CPU types are supported from the version MindConnect IoT2050 V03.04.02.06 b002.
IP address IP address of the Rockwell controller.
Route parameters Here you can define the routing path parameters - like rack, slot, node, and/or ControlNet port numbers - needed to access the controller (default: 1,0).

Rockwell data point parameter

To collect the data of your Rockwell device, you must add new data points.


The following table shows the data point parameter:

Parameter Description
Data Type Data type supported by backend (e.g. INT).
Tag Name of the tag that has to be recorded.

The following table shows the recommended data type selection:

Rockwell data type Length Data range1 Industrial IoT Data type
BOOL 1 bit 0 or 1 BOOLEAN
SINT 1 byte -128…+127 INT
USINT2 1 byte 0...255 INT
INT 2 bytes -32,768…+32,767 INT
UINT2 2 bytes 0...65,535 INT
DINT 4 bytes -2,147,483,648…+2,147,483,647 INT
UDINT2 4 bytes 0...4,294,967,295 INT
REAL 4 bytes - -3.40282347E38…-1.17549435E-38 (negative values)
- 0
- -1.17549435E-38-…3.40282347E38 (positive values)
SSTRING2 0 .. 255 bytes ASCII STRING
STRING2 0 .. 255 bytes ASCII STRING

"1" Values have been taken from Logix 5000 Controllers I/O and Tag Data Programming Manual.
"2" Available since MindConnect Nano/IoT2040 V03.04.04.03 b001, MCSA V03.06.00.17 b003, D-MCSA V03.06.02.02 b002 and MindConnect IoT2050 V03.07.00.03 b003.

PCL data types

Currently only these PLC data types are supported.

Last update: February 16, 2024