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Overview of onboarding MindConnect IoT2050

This chapter describes the initial configuration of an asset and MindConnect IoT2050 in order to onboard MindConnect IoT2050 to MindSphere. Onboarding is the process of attaching a MindConnect Element to MindSphere. And also, it describes the process of connecting industrial data sources to MindSphere using MindConnect IoT2050.

To establish the initial connection between MindConnect IoT2050 and MindSphere (onboarding), you have to configure the essential asset and MindConnect IoT2050 data. For onboarding the full configuration is not required, although you can accomplish all steps using Asset Manager.

The respective data to be configured for onboarding is described in the following procedure.


  • MindConnect Element is connected to the Internet and powered on.
  • The connection cable for the Internet is correctly plugged into the Ethernet port for the Internet (MindSphere).
  • MindConnect Element is connected to asset or plant network.
  • You have received the link to the MindSphere UI with credentials (user and password data).
  • A customer account is created.
  • A standard USB device with a single partition in FAT or FAT32 is formatted for MindConnect IoT2050 only.
  • You have the role "mdsp:core:TenantAdmin". The user roles are set in Settings.


Prepare MindConnect Element To prepare your MindConnect Element for MindSphere V3, you have to update the firmware for boxes that were already connected to MindSphere V2 (SAP). For devices connecting to MindSphere region China 1, the MindConnect IoT2050 firmware should be V3.3.0.4 or higher.
You can find more information in chapter Manual firmware update of MindConnect Element

Onboarding Procedure

In order to onboard MindConnect IoT2050, follow these steps:

  1. Login to MindSphere
  2. Creating an asset for MindConnect IoT2050
  3. Enable connection to MindConnect IoT2050
  4. Configuring network settings.
  5. Transferring configuration to Mindconnect IoT2050

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Last update: January 25, 2023