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Manual firmware update of MindConnect IoT2050

To prepare your MindConnect IoT2050 for MindSphere version, please follow the next two steps:

  • Load new firmware on your MindConnect IoT2050


To update the firmware via Local Webserver URL, see Device Maintenance

Load new firmware on your MindConnect IoT2050

  1. Download the firmware ZIP file from Siemens Industry Online Support Page.
  2. Unzip the firmware on your local machine.
  3. Copy the unzipped files to a USB stick.
  4. Insert the USB stick into the MindConnect IoT2050 and wait until the firmware update is complete.
    • Update carried out: ERROR LED flashes orange
    • MindConnect IoT2050 reboots
    • MAINT LED flashes orange for a few seconds
    • RUN LED orange (not connected to MindSphere)
  5. Disconnect the USB stick.

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Last update: October 28, 2022