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Aspects are a data modeling mechanisms for assets. Aspects group the data points based on logical sense. For example: The pump skid has an aspect e.g. “Energy_consumption” that contains the data points: "power", "current", "voltage" etc.

Aspect is specified in Asset Manager and its name can be freely chosen, but should bring together a logical grouping of data points and a physical asset.


An asset is a digital representation of a machine or an automation system with one or multiple automation units (e.g. PLC) connected to Insights Hub.

The data collection and data provisioning is based on so called (virtual) assets. This can be anything such as a pump, motor, PLC, an entire tool machine, a production line, a robot, a crane, a car, a wind turbine and so on. The data of an asset is collected and sent to Insights Hub to make that data available for further processing and analytics.

Asset Identifier

Asset Identifier is an identifier assigned by the manufacturer of the device, to which MindConnect Nano will be connected. After the onboarding process, MindConnect IoT2050 is connected to this device. The serial number identifies the asset to which the data belongs.

Asset Manager

Asset Manager is a Web Graphical User Interface for asset configuration. According to these configurations, the following functions are available:

Asset Configuration: assets can be created, onboarded, modified, moved, offboarded or deleted.

Asset type

Asset type is a sort or kind of a product line made by one manufacturer.


Components represent built-in functionality. The Components are:

  • Asset Manager
  • Insights Hub Monitor
  • Settings
  • UTC Reporting

For the complete list and description of Components, refer to the documentation area.

Data point

Data points refer to elements (variables), which allow values to be obtained from data sources (OPC UA or S7 etc.). They are combined into a relevant aspect. For example, “temperature” and “torque” are data points of an aspect “Energy_consumption”.

Data points are configured in "Asset Manager”. In “Insights Hub Monitor”, their values are visualized as time series.

Data source

A data source is a physical element of a device, which can be monitored by Insights Hub.

For example: OPC UA Server, S7.


In "Insights Hub Monitor", an event is a change of a datapoint state. Events are used for the requests. With a rule it is possible to define the request, which will be created in Insights Hub when the event is triggered.

Besides the monitoring rule, a description of event (e.g. “The limit is exceeded, this may indicate damage in the pump”), the resulting action (e.g. “Please contact your hotline”) and priority (urgent, important or info) can be lodged.

See also “request”, “rule".

Last Connection

"Last Connection" status in “Asset Manager” gives the information, when a MindConnect Element was online for the last time.

MindConnect Element

MindConnect Elements are devices for transferring data and allow connectivity to Insights Hub such as MindConnect Nano, MindConnect IoT2040 or MindConnect FB.

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT is the Siemens Insights Hub and Industrial IoT operation system comprising the core cloud services and applications, whereas the MindConnect Element provides secure and easy connectivity from the field or machine to Industrial IoT. In Industrial IoT, submitted data by a MindConnect Element is processed and stored for analysis and further management purposes.

For more information, refer to the “Insights Hub and Industrial IoT capabilities” documentation.

Industrial IoT Launchpad

Industrial IoT Launchpad is the entry point for components as well as for available applications.

Online/Offline Mode in Asset Manager

Online status signifies that the internet connection between the MindConnect IoT2050 and Insights Hub is established and is in good health as the MindConnect IoT2050 sends the data to the server. Offline mode means the absence of the internet connection and the MindConnect IoT2050 is no longer able to send data to the server.

Insights Hub Monitor

Insights Hub Monitor is an easy-to-use basic analytics application of time series data that enables the user to gain deeper insights into their production system and the machine performance. It uses the assets, aspects and variables as data model for its functions.


Organization is the part of hierarchical asset configuration in Asset Manager. Within organization, areas/assets are specified.

As the administrator (OEM), you manage organizations, their customers and assets. As the user of an organization, you can access the assets assigned only to this organization.

In the context of Industrial IoT, an organization can be anything and is defined by the administrator depending on their requirements: customer, cost center, branch etc.


Requests are the messages which log asset incidents based on predefined rules.

You can create manual requests as well as requests for the regular acquisition of measured quantities with measuring series.

See also “event", "rule".


With rules you can configure an automatic monitoring of datapoints on events. For example, a request will be created automatically by the system, if a value exceeds or falls below a threshold (edge trigger).

See also “event", "request".


Settings is a Web Graphical User Interface for user, organization and role configuration.

Time series

Time series is a sequence of measurements which are produced by data sources over time. Analysis and visualization tools (e.g. Insights Hub Monitor) can retrieve collected time series and present it to the user after processing. In Asset Manager, the measurements, that have to be collected, can be specified.

Last update: April 4, 2024