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Firmware update in Asset Manager for MindConnect IoT2050

In Asset Manager, you can update the firmware of your MindConnect IoT2050.

Outdated version

Please keep your firmware always updated.

Data loss

Please note that data loss can occur during the time of the firmware update. The amount of data loss depends on the reading and uploading cycle.

To perform a firmware update, follow these steps:

  1. Select the asset in the "Asset" tab.
  2. Open the MindConnect plugin.
  3. Click next to "Firmware" on the button setting-icon.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions.
  5. To select a firmware release click "Choose another firmware release".
    • The "select firmware" dialog appears.
  6. Select product and available version and click "Accept".
  7. To update your firmware click "Update your firmware".

Incomplete firmware update

If the connection is interrupted while the new firmware is being downloaded, note that the downloaded content might be lost if the connection cannot be recovered via the box. For example, if the connection is interrupted while 50% of the firmware are downloaded, the process might be canceled. In that case you have to click firmware update on the user interface to restart the process. It is still possible to do manual firmware updates via USB stick.

Canceling an Online Firmware update

If the firmware update process is triggered from UI then the cancel button will be activated. By clicking "Cancel Firmware Update" the ongoing operation will be interrupted and cancelled.


The firmware update operation can take longer time depending on the network quality.

Once the cancellation operation successful, it is possible to re-trigger the online firmware update by clicking "Update Firmware".

Firmware updates for multiple devices

In Asset Manager under "Connectivity Management" tab, you can trigger firmware updates for multiple devices using "Mass update" selection. This allows you to update the selected firmware devices like, MindConnect Iot2050.

To update the firmware for multiple devices, select assets in the “Connectivity Management” tab under "Mass Update" and click "Update Firmware".


Last update: January 22, 2024