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Device Maintenance

The maintenance activities for the device can be performed in "Maintenance" area.

Maintenance area

In the navigation menu, click "Maintenance" tab to open the "Maintenance" area. It provides following features:

  • Factory reset

Factory reset

Start factory reset

In “Factory reset” section, a factory reset of MindConnect IoT2050 can be performed. This will delete all customer data like collected time series data and asset data. Furthermore, the network settings will be reset.

After clicking the "Start" button, a confirmation dialog will be shown before the factory reset will be executed.


Factory reset status

The status of the factory reset process will be displayed in the "Factory reset status" section.


  • After the factory reset has been executed, MindConnect IoT2050 system will be rebooted, and it is recommended to close the current browser window or to reload the page after the reboot.
  • Because the network settings will also be reset, it might be possible that the device will get new IP addresses from the DHCP server. The current IP addresses can be found by opening the MindConnect IoT2050 VM in Hyper-V-Manager.
  • If the device is onboarded before factory reset execution, the asset needs to be offboarded in Asset Manager and the device has to be onboarded again.

Last update: January 22, 2024