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Browsing datapoint of a data source for MindConnect IoT2050

After adding the data source, you can browse the datapoints for the selected data source.


  • This feature is only supported for OPC UA, S7+, IEC61850 and MTConnect protocols.
  • During configuration of data points via browsing feature, performance may get impacted depending on the configuration and data points in Data Sources.

Supported protocols for Browsing

The following table shows the protocols which supports Browsing with the supported version of MindConnect IoT2050:

Protocol Browsing type MindConnect IoT2050
BACnet1) static V03.07.00.04 b002
I/O shield static V03.07.01.00 b003
IEC618501) dynamic V03.07.00.00 b003
MTConnect1) dynamic V03.07.00.00 b003
OPC UA dynamic V03.07.00.02 b002
S7+ 1) dynamic V03.07.00.00 b003
SystemInfo static V03.07.01.00 b003

1) "MC Advanced package" is needed to use these protocols.

  • Static : For static browsing a predefined datapoint catalogue dependend on the MindConnect device and/or protocol type will be provided.
  • Dynamic : Current datapoint information will be retrieved from the selected device - this might take some time depending on the device configuration.


  • You have created a data source.
  • After creating the data source, click "Save" and "Apply changes".


To browse the datapoints of a data source, follow these steps:

  1. In the "Assets" tab, select the asset.
  2. Click MindConnect Software Agent plugin.
  3. In "Datasource Configuration" view, click "Import".


  1. In the "Browse existing datasource" tab, select the data source and click Next step to proceed to datapoint selection step.

    import datasource

  2. After browsing the datasource to retrieve datapoints, navigate and select the datapoints to be imported.

    Select Data Point-step

  3. Click Next step to proceed to next step.

  4. Click "Start Import" to browse the datapoints for the selected data source.

    Start Import Browsing


For Browsing, Overwriting the existing configuration is not available.


The available datapoints are displayed for the selected data source.


① Check and uncheck to select the datapoints of a data source

② List of the datapoints of the selected data source

③ Re-loads the datapoints forcefully

④ Displays the last retrieval of the datapoints

Note: The retrieved datapoints of a selected data source is available only for 24hrs.

⑤ Displays the number of selected datapoints

Last update: April 9, 2024