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Adding a data source for MindConnect IoT2050

To receive the data of your MindConnect IoT2050 you need to add a data source. The data source specifies the protocol and reading cycle that is used to transfer the data from your asset to the MindConnect IoT2050. Within the data source, you enter the IP address of the asset inside of your network.


  • You have created an asset and an aspect.
  • You have enabled the connection to the MindConnect IoT2050.
  • You have the IP address of the asset inside of your network.


To add a data source to an asset of type MindConnect, for example: "Generator", follow these steps:

  1. Click on the asset in the "Assets" tab, for example: "Wind turbine".
  2. Click on the asset icon, for example: "MindConnect IoT2050".
  3. Click "Add new data sources".

    • The window to enter the protocol data is opened



    • The default reading cycle is 86400 seconds, which is one day.
    • You can find additional information on supported protocols in the chapter Configuring protocols.
  4. Enter data source data and confirm with "Accept".

  5. To save the data source click "Save".


You have now created a new data source. The new data source is available at the asset details of your MindConnect IoT2050.

The following graphic shows the added data source:


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Last update: October 18, 2022