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Read performance MindConnect Elements

All MindConnect Elements have a clear limitation on soft limits(unmonitored number of data points and data connections). The only fixed limit is 1050 data points. Within the soft limits, you can configure data connections and data points without reaching the limits. For 250 datapoints read per second, the upload bandwidth should be at least 0.5 MB/s.

The following describes how to proceed if you want to exceed these limits.

Tested MindConnect limits

MindConnect IoT2040
Max mount of data points can be configured (Fix) 1050
Data points OPC UA / S7 / Modbus TCP 30
(read per second)
Connections to data providers 5
String data points 3
Data points - Modbus RTU RS485 / RS422 - 9,6 kBd 15
Data points - Modbus RTU RS485 / RS422 - 19,2 kBd 20
Data points - Modbus RTU RS485 / RS422 - >= 38,4 kBd 30
Data points - Modbus RTU RS232 - 57,6 kBd 30

Adaptions of the limits

Subsequently listed are the parameters the influence the read performance of a MindConnect Element. By varying one of these parameters all others will be affected as well. These are the variables:

  • Performance of MindConnect hardware
  • Number of connections to data providers
  • Type of connection to providers (S7 / OPC UA / Modbus / ...)
  • Amount of data points per second
  • Type of data points (String or no string)
  • Performance of data provider (PLC, OPC Server)


  • Reading data from a data provider will always cause an effect on it. The performance of the data provider (PLC / OPC Server / Modbus) is one of the most important limiting factors. If more devices (e.g. OPC server, HMIs, SCADA systems,...) are connected to this data provider (e.g. PLC) the reading cycle can rise.
  • For MindConnect Software Agent, the readings are not applicable as it depends on the hardware for a particular agent and configuration.

System Test results

The following tables show how long it takes to read a data item from one of the devices. These are not fixed values but an indication of how the devices would react.

MindConnect IOT2040:

Type MS per data point read: Min MS per data point read: Mid MS per data point read: Max
S7 300 2,10 4,28 6,61
S7 1500 3,73 4,54 5,22
S7 ET200S CPU 1,92 5,01 8,33
OPC UA@ PLC 4,42 5,50 7,66
  • Read of a string data point you have to multiply the time with 2,5 per data point
  • All devices are around 75% full

Last update: May 24, 2023