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Quality codes Modbus protocol

The following table shows the possible quality codes for devices that use the Modbus protocol:

Quality code (hex) Quality code (dec) Short description Long description
0x00000000 0 Good No error occurred
0x80050000 -2147155968 Communication error Modbus connection reset for connection
0x80310000 -2144272384 No communication Communication with the data source is defined but not established and there is no last known value available
0x803A0000 -2143682560 Not readable The access level does not allow reading or subscribing to the node
0x80790000 -2139553792 No subscription There is no subscription available for this session
0x80AB0000 -2136276992 Invalid argument One or more arguments are invalid
0x80330000 -2144141312 NodeIdInvalid Parser bad node syntax
0x809E0000 -2137128960 Data unavailable Expected data is unavailable for the requested time range due to an unmounted volume, an offline archive or tape, or similar reason for temporary unavailability
0x809F0000 -2137063424 Entry exists The data or event was not successfully updated because no matching entry exists
0x803C0000 -2143551488 Out of range The value was out of range
0x80270000 -2144927744 Session not activated The session cannot be used because ActivateSession has not been called
0x808B0000 -2138374144 Device failure There has been a failure in the device/data source that generates the value that has affected the value
0x803D0000 -2143485952 Not supported The server cannot retrieve a bound for the variable
0x80630000 -2140995584 Type definition invalid The type definition node ID does not reference an appropriate type node
0x800D0000 -2146631680 Server not connected The operation could not complete because the client is not connected to the server.
0x80730000 -2139947008 Write not supported The server does not support writing the combination of value status and timestamps provided
0x807D0000 -2139291648 Data source busy Previous read request of data source is still in progress

Last update: January 22, 2024