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Adding data points for MindConnect IoT2040

A data point is a measurable value of an asset that can be represented numerically and graphically. Examples of a data point are temperature or pressure. You can add data points to a data source to collect the data for example from a control unit. In the next step you have to link the data points of a data source with the respective variables of an aspect.

You can find more information about how to send data in chapter Send commands for IoT2040.


One data point cannot be mapped to two variables in the same aspect.

Health status

The health status shows the quality of the connection of the data point. You can click on the status to get further information. For more information about quality code, see Quality code settings.


  • You have created a data source.


To add a data point to a data source, for example: "Pressure", follow these steps:

  1. Click on the asset in the "Assets" tab, for example: "Wind turbine".
  2. Click on the asset icon, for example: "MindConnect IoT2040".
  3. To edit the data source you have to click on "Enter Edit Mode".
    • Edit functions appear next to the data source.
  4. Click on "Add Datapoint".
  5. Enter data point data.



  • The units and data types specified here will need to match exactly with the aspects and variables. If they are different, the aspect cannot be connected to the data point.
  • The protocol datatypes specify the Datapoint Address. You can find additional information on protocol datatypes in the chapter Configuring protocols.
  • “Data Acquisition Mode” defines the access type of datapoint. There are three acquisition types; “READ”, “WRITE” and “READ&WRITE”. To write data to a datapoint, “WRITE” or “READ&WRITE” type needs to be selected. Default value is “READ”.
  • It is possible to use hysteresis value in this field. This reduces the number of read events. The hysteresis filters signals and reduces the response to short-term signal fluctuations. The maximum value for hysteresis can be 99999 to minimum as 0.001.
  1. Confirm with "Accept".
  2. To save the added data point in "Edit Mode" click "Save".


The new data point is available at the data source.

In order to send the changes to the device, you have to click "Apply Changes" in the MindConnect plugin.

The following graphic shows the health status of the new data point:


Last update: November 21, 2023