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Plug USB into MindConnect IoT2040

  1. Power LED (PC ON/WD) of MindConnect IoT2040 is green.
  2. Insert the USB stick with confi gured asset data into the MindConnect IoT2040.
  3. The MindConnect IoT2040 automatically reads the USB stick data (RUN/STOP/L1 LED blinks orange), followed by a restart.
  4. MindConnect IoT2040 then attempts to establish connection to Industrial IoT.
  5. After a few seconds the RUN/STOP/L1 LED should be green and user interface has the state Onboarded, which means it is connected to Industrial IoT. (If the onboarding is not successful, see MindConnect Hardware General Description).
  6. Now remove USB stick from the MindConnect IoT2040.
  7. Download Configuration to USB

Plug USB into MindConnect IOT2040

Last update: January 22, 2024