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Software repository

In the "Software repository", MindConnect IoT Extension offers to collect reference software for devices.

Managing device software

Open the "Software repository" from the "Management" menu in the navigator.

The available software objects are displayed as a list.

Software repository

Click on a specific software object to display its details.

Specific software

Each entry shows the software name, the device type it is applicable for (if defined), and a label indicating if and how many versions are available for a particular software. Click an entry to display the details for its software along with all available versions.

Adding a new software

To add a software object, proceed as follows:

  1. In the "Software repository" page, click "Add software" at the right of the top menu bar.

    Add new software

  2. In the resulting dialog box,

    • to add a new software, enter a name for the software (and confirm it by clicking Create new in the upcoming window), a description and its version (all required).
    • to add a new version, select the software for which you want to add a new version from the dropdown list in the Software field and enter a version.
  3. Either upload a binary from the file system or specify a URL from where the software can be downloaded.
  4. Click "Add software" to save your settings.

Last update: June 15, 2023