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Overview of Cockpit

The following sections will walk you through all functionalities of the "Cockpit" application in detail.

For your convenience find an overview on the content of this document below.

Section Content
Managing assets Organize assets in hierarchies by creating groups and assigning devices.
Visualizing data using the Data Explorer Interactively explore, compare and visualize IoT data. Describes how to access and use the data explorer, add data points to the data explorer, customize data point properties, modify the visualization, store the data explorer as widget, and export the data.
Working with dashboards Create your own analytics and monitor pages by adding and arranging widgets. Share dashboards among all devices of the same type.
Widgets collection Use various types of widgets from the Widgets collection that comes with IoT Extension and configure them according your needs.
Working with alarms Monitor problems of your assets using severities and workflows. Since working with alarms in the Cockpit application is actually the same as working with alarms in "Device Management", refer to "Working with alarms in Device Management".
Managing reports Handle reports based on dashboard layouts, create reports for exporting data in CSV or excel format and schedule the export.
Using the Data Point Library Manage default settings ("profiles") of your devices and apply them automatically using the Data Point Library.
Working with Smart Rules Create and manage business rules to work on incoming data in realtime and to perform actions based on this data.
Smart Rules collection Use pre-defined global Smart Rules to configure rules for geofencing, thresholds or alarm escalation and notifications (SMS/email/voice). Describes each SmartRule and its configurable parameters in detail.

If you want to learn more about general aspects of the IoT Extension platform and its applications, refer to IoT Extension Getting Started.

Home dashboard

The "Home" screen of the Cockpit application is a dashboard which shows data for the general environment.

Home dashboard

The data shown on the "Home" dashboard is shared by all users of the environment. By default, the "Home" dashboard includes a welcome message, the active critical alarms, recent alarms and a map of all objects.

The "Home" dashboard can be edited and designed individually according to your needs. You can add, remove or change widgets being displayed here.

For details on editing a dashboard, refer to "Working with dashboards".

To reset the "Home" dashboard to its original content, click "More..." at the right of the top menu bar and from the context menu select "Restore dashboard".

Last update: June 15, 2023