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Overview on device management

The following sections will walk you through all functionalities of the Device Management application in detail. For your convenience find an overview on the content of this document below.

Section Content
Connecting devices How to register one or more devices manually and how to bulk-register devices in order to connect devices to your account.
Viewing devices What is displayed in the device list and how to sort devices by searching for devices and filtering devices.
Grouping devices Why and how to group devices into top-level groups, subgroups and smart groups.
Device details Detailed description of the various kind of information available for various types of devices.
Monitoring and controlling devices How to monitor the connection quality and service status of devices, how to handle alarms from devices, how to remote control and how to troubleshoot devices.
Managing device types How to process data from various device types by using device protocols.
Managing device data How to retrieve and manage firmware and software for devices and how to handle configuration snapshots.
Working with simulators How to model devices with the simulator in order to have the same level of functionality as connected hardware devices.
Using SmartREST templates How to work with SmartREST templates, a collection of request and response templates used to convert CSV data and Cumulocity Rest API calls.
Mapping devices How to map devices to assets, upload history data and onboard devices.

Last update: June 15, 2023